Behind the Tech Curtain


They are coming for the children…and no one may be able to stop them.

Newlywed Addie Albright couldn’t be more ecstatic. She’s met the man of her dreams and has found the love and acceptance she craves. But bliss and anticipation smolder when she returns home from her honeymoon to a house fire, a dead coworker, and a revelation suggesting her groom, Forbes, isn’t who he says he is.

The smoke may lift from the blemished D.C. neighborhood, but a haze settles on Addie’s marriage. She refuses to believe the accusation that her generous, caring husband has been living a lie, that he’s covering up a crime against children and responsible for her coworker’s mysterious death. 

She and her closest friend secretly undertake a journey to prove Forbes’ innocence. Soon, they unveil a government-sanctioned program called Atreus, named after a disturbing mythological curse in which children are cooked and served for dinner. Urgency propels Addie into a sinister and insidious world of unfathomable greed and control. Deceptions upon deceptions muddy a well-orchestrated plan in which children are a commodity to be bought and sold through a modern-day international slave market.

And it’s looking more and more like Forbes could be this powerful organization’s mastermind. Their quest leads them to Russia; and even if they want out, it’s too late. They know too much and become the hunted… with only one path to survival.


Mirrored Murder

(Romance Suspense)

For medical biller Victoria Garrett, love is merely a mirage. She’s buried so many loved ones, she believes she’s cursed and anyone who gets close to her is at risk. When she receives word her adoptive mother has died, she shouldn’t be shocked, but heartbreak forces her back to Arkansas. 

Returning to Little Rock isn’t easy. She fears her hometown gives power to her curse, but she uncovers documents suggesting her mother’s death wasn’t due to an accidental prescription overdose. Evidence points to workplace improprieties and murder. To get the full story, she infiltrates Riverdale Medical Clinic and maneuvers herself into her mother’s vacated job to catch the killer.

Her first day at Riverdale, she runs into Chance Englewood, a mysterious man who keeps showing up wherever she goes and at the most opportune times. She can’t decide whether he’s a stalker or an honest-to-god gentleman, but she can’t ignore his killer smile, energetic charm, or the fact he’s the clinic’s IT guy. She needs an ally and sleuthing partner…if it were that simple. She may be after justice, but Chance is after her and doesn’t believe in curses.

Just when Victoria succumbs to their undeniable chemistry, she discovers a devastating secret about Chance, making her curse the least of her worries.


Bold Sentry


Five lives connected. Five lives compromised. Five lives changed.

Tragedy shatters Sage Parker’s entrepreneurial spirit when her headache of a twin brother, a journalist, vanishes. His disappearance, tied to border patrol corruption, takes Sage into the evil world of cartels and terrorists. In her desperation to find her brother, she awakens a dormant ability for guidance, but trusting strangers can be unpredictable, especially when those strangers are dead and demanding. 

Unbeknownst to Sage, her brother has interfered with an FBI undercover operation in Mexico, resulting in his and an agent’s captivity and torture. Determined to prevent a massacre in America, the agent ingests a paralytic drug in a daring escape…alone…embarking on a harrowing journey.

In Phoenix, the FBI’s Special Agent in Charge frantically hunts for his missing agent, unwilling to believe all is lost, until an anonymous informant draws attention to a haunting case from his past and turns his world upside down. As does Sage when she jeopardizes his mission and, damnit, captures his heart.

Despite an untimely attraction to the special agent, Sage’s faith in the FBI wavers. She hires a detective and enlists an IT guru. Both recruits harbor secrets, risking all of their lives. Even her ethereal guides run short on miracles.




The first chapter of each book is available in blog posts.